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Ten Technologies Which Became Common In The 21st Century



10. Smartphones : The smartphones redated before the 21st century. However it wasn’t until the 21st century to become truly common. Initially they were business tools, but smartphones have outgrown their orginal purposes and become must for everyone.

9. iPod : Digital MP3 players dated back in the 90s, but while musicians and music lovers struggling with Napster, Apple created a new ecosystem through iTunes to help the music industry re-energize again. Also the iPod changed the way we consume media and information with the birth of podcasts and digital downloadable audiobooks

8. Virtual reality : The first versions of VR were expensive and big. Also we mostly saw them in movies like ‘the lawnmover man’ or ‘Back to the Future’. Better graphics, more sophisticated algorithms and more powerful processors are all contributing to making VR something relevant to people. The uses extend beyond gaming applications. In spite of being around before 2000s, VR is finally getting a real start in this century.

7. Home theaters : Instruction of TV had made a huge impact on movie industry, also development of new media formats made another impact on it again in the 21st century. Tv and movie industries had to rethink their shooting methods, how they build sets, and make-up they use.

6. Digital books : When Kindle fist came into hand, most people said it wouldn’t replace the joy of holding a real book. Even though sales are still toe-to-toe, it seems that e-books will outsell real books in a few years.

5. Applications : Apps for computers have been around for decades. With the introduction of smartphones, apps became a culture and economy on their own.

4. Social media : Early versions of SM dated back late 90s. In the beginning of this century they took the internet by storm, especially ‘facebook’. It controls 3 of the top 10 major SM and messaging channels. Twitter gives us instant news about big events. Also SM has created completely new media format and given birth to new types of celebrities.

3. Wi-fi :Do you remember the sound of dial-up connection? It feels like a distant memory now. While broadband and Wi-fi came in the late 90s, the systems didn’t support their mass adoptation until 2000s. The more internet speed increase, the more content and media became avaliable.

2. 3D printing : As we know 3D printing started his life in the 1980s. Cheaper manufacturing developments and open-source shares have made it more affordable and led to a revolution of 3D printing in recent years.

1. The internet of things : The word describes itself actually, it means every thing connects to the internet and communicates the other devices. Adding the word ‘smart’ before things make them mostly smart. The IoT has the potential of 4th industrial revolution driving innovation in places like artificial intelligence and robotics.